Ryan Gosling’s reps deny Episode VII interest

goslingHe’s the biggest new actor associated with the sequels so far, but Ryan Gosling is not pursuing a role in Episode VII, the actor’s representatives tell The Huffington Post. They also point out that the actor has recently said he’d like to take a break from acting.

And no, they haven’t heard back from Zac Efron’s people yet.

Of course, at this point a denial doesn’t mean much… And remember, J.J. Abrams denied, too!

One Reply to “Ryan Gosling’s reps deny Episode VII interest”

  1. When it comes to casting of known actors, I’m always skeptical. When they say Joe Blow from Canada is Anakin, you start to think, this is so random it is probably true.

    Even denials leave it in ambiguity. They denied McGregor back in 97 too. Basically, it is all murky until they make real announcements.

    This is killing me though. I need to know!

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