Rumors: Spinoff films will feature Solo, Fett, new cartoon to show genesis of the Rebellion

SPINOFF RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.JoBlo has a source who told them that the first two spin-offs will feature popular rumor subjects Han Solo and Boba Fett. No details on Boba, but the Han film “will focus on Han and Chewy’s [sic] relationship, potentially on how they met and became partners on the Millennium Falcon.”

Both movies have been rumored for a while now, though JoBlo also says that the idea for a Yoda film has been dropped due to LEGO’s The Yoda Chronicles.

A Boba Fett movie is, of course, inevitable, and either Daniel Logan or Temuera Morrison could return for the role, depending on where in the timeline the story falls. Casting a young Han Solo would be significantly more of a challenge… But no doubt there are plenty of actors willing to try.

Their source also claims that the Rebels cartoon will “focus on how the rebel alliance was formed,” which doesn’t give us too much of a hint of where it fits in the intertrilogy timeline. Sure, we saw the political roots of the Rebellion begin in the cut scenes of Revenge of the Sith, but parts of the Expanded Universe imply that the Rebellion we meet in A New Hope was formed by coalition of groups working against the Empire. Not that the EU material guarantees anything, but it’s an idea with plenty of story potential to be mined.

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  1. The Boba Fett film is indeed inevitable.

    I’m fine with a Solo film I guess, better than a Yoda film, but honestly I’d rather see a Leia film, or a film about a minor character other than Boba Fett.

  2. If they can pull off a young Han, I can see a young Leia one. And hey, Jimmy Smits!

    I think an Obi-wan-on-Tatooine film is also probably on the shortlist… As is pretty much anything where they can reuse PT folks. The actors aging is only a plus for them there.

    Natalie Portman is no doubt very thankful that Padme got killed off right now.

    Oh! If the Han one really takes off, they can do a second one where he meets Lando? Assuming Lando doesn’t show up in the first one.

  3. Well, any Han origin story that delas with how he got the Falcon has to include Lando anyways! :D

  4. Maybe the Falcon is the very last shot… Someone says it belongs to a “Lando Calrissian…” CREDITS.

    Well, maybe not.

  5. I’m liking Dunc’s treatment for the Han movie!

    If they have to do Han first in order to get to Leia, I can deal with that. It’s just frustrating to me that the Boba Fett niche is, in all likelihood, going to get serviced right away, but the Leia one is not remotely guaranteed. :(

  6. The Yoda part is weird to me. If they do a few “The Yoda Chronicles” specials (three I think?), it would still be years before we saw a Yoda film, especially if it were the second standalone spin-off. So why would those TV specials, as cool as they, even matter?

    I suppose I can see a way of looking at it where they ask themselves “are we doing the most with our character IPs we can?”

    They aren’t doing anything with Boba and they’re doing something with Yoda so they give a film to Boba. But at the same time, it seems like it would be more complicated than that and there would be sales figures involved which say “based on these figures, a Bossk cooking show should perform better than a 4-LOM Christmas Special.”

    It just kind of makes me raise an eyebrow at the whole report.

    Hopefully they announce the new film at Celebration Europe II.

    1. Well, using the LEGO film is more diplomatic than ‘we realized it was a horrible idea.’ I hope they realized it was a horrible idea.

  7. Bodie Taylor could also be cast for Fett. I imagine the helmet would be on for most of the movie anyway, so no need for a big name.

  8. >>I hope they realized it was a horrible idea.

    I can live with a new actor for a young Han Solo – I think Sean Patrick Flannery did a great job as Young Indy -, but Young Yoda is off-limits, afaic. :-/

    If they want to do a Young Jedi film, and I think it might be fun, Young Qui-Gon might be the most compelling choice since they could shine a little more light on Dooku (who is, in my opinion, one of the lamest villains in the series), show a Jedi rebel (which is way cooler than a tame Jedi), and maybe pull a Cloak of Deception type backstory for the whole taxation situation in The Phantom Menace (which most people who never read either Darth Plagueis or Cloak of Deception still find utterly lame as a starting point for the saga).

    And the Boba movie… Well, I agree… It’s inevitable. And incredibly lame. If you want to wow us, Lucasfilm, do a Dengar movie. Or even a Jango movie. Or be gender neutral and do a Zam Wesell spin-off. A shape-shifter as a main character? Yes, please. :-)

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