Rumor: More changes in the Star Wars Blu-rays?

There have been a few more rumors and possible leaked (or faked) footage from the new Star Wars Blu-rays, mostly Return of the Jedi: A new addition in the the Emperor’s death scene, blinking Ewoks. io9 rounds it up, and even they’re suggesting caution, so take it as you will. We’ll find out soon enough.

UPDATE: Big Shiny Robot has a rebuttal to the rumors. It’s not quite time to panic yet, folks.

UPDATE: Nope. It’s real. Part of it, anyway.

12 Replies to “Rumor: More changes in the Star Wars Blu-rays?”

  1. On my first reading I thought you meant blinking Ewoks were added to the Emperor’s death scene.

    …which would be awesome. :-p

    Although I’m not sold on the eyelids quite yet, adding pupils and irises does match the Ewok movies better. So there’s that.

  2. This is a pretty elaborate hoax if it’s a hoax, and you know what? I hope it is. That moment, the way that the score swells and suddenly transitions, Vader’s determined silence, the sudden drop of Luke’s screams…that was one of the moments that taught me that less really can be more. It didn’t need lazy, rubbish dialogue thrown on in post. It was perfect and silent and triumphant, and I hope to god that this is faked in some way.

    Blinking Ewoks are kind of cool, though. As long as the effect works. But the new Krayyt Dragon noise is pretty lame.

  3. The Vader “No” clip is so lame it really does seem fake. It’s pure cheese. I agree with pretty much everyone else that it totally changes the scene. It’s just a “change for the sake of change” in this case and doesn’t help the scene. Let’s hope it’s someone’s bad joke and not real.

  4. Wasn’t it previously stated that there would be no more alterations, with the exception of cleaning up effects that were transferred poorly in the 2004 DVD release?

    Or am I losing my mind?

  5. If it’s a joke, why no denial from folks who would know? Unless they’re in on the joke, in which case, this is the greatest prank ever.

  6. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am. You can vote with your dollars and just not buy the thing. I know for me the added “Nooooo” is kind of over dramatic but does that mean it will somehow “RUIN THE WHOLE MOVIE”… no. It’s still Star Wars in HD, and it still has the cool deleted scenes, and it still has all the cool bonus features.
    Sigh. I wish that people would just get over it and watch they’re fan edits.
    “You can’t win, but there are alternatives to buying the Blu Ray”

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