Rumors: Episode VII to film in Las Cruces, Saoirse Ronan read for a part, and Cumberbatch is still in

Saoirse Ronan in 'How I Live Now'Latino Review is at it again! Today, Kellvin Chavez says that the New Mexico filming location will be Las Cruces, but very little will actually be shot there and in Los Angeles: “90%” of the filming will happen in London.

As for actors, Chavez claims that Saoirse Ronan has read for a part. And while they don’t know what exactly she read for, their source does say there’s a female villain in the movie.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly has also heard about Ronan, and talks about how great it is that there are two female leads in the film.

And he maintains that Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the entire trilogy, with his Episode VII role being “very small” but getting much bigger in the two later films.

Will Las Cruces pan out? Will Ronan get a part? Will the Cumberbatch runaround ever not be tedious? For now, we have no idea, but as always, remember that none of this is official until Lucasfilm says so.

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  1. And over on Tumblr, the Ronan rumor has somehow turned into “Saoirse Ronan read for the part of Luke’s daughter!”

    Have we figured out if Latino Review is Supershadow yet? ;)

    1. Tumblr is the worst for fancasting. The. Worst.

      LR has been right on things in the past – just no Episode VII yet, unless you count the “no shit” of Harrison Ford being in talks. (I don’t remember if they got in on the PT rumors – first I recall of them was comic book movie stuff. Their biggest confirmed get was Heath Ledger as the Joker, I think?)

  2. I used to live 50 miles west of Las Cruces and then 75 miles north. There is some fantastic scenery down there — and you can get isolated really quickly too. It would be a good area to shoot.

  3. Speaking as someone who grew up in El Paso, Las Cruces is definitely weird enough to be a Star Wars locale.

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