Rumors: Episode VII table read tomorrow, with a “gigantic” amount of Han Solo (maybe)

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.A rumor drop? Why I never. Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. is today claiming that there’s a big table read going on in London tomorrow, which would fit with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher being seen there. He also says that Ford’s role is “gigantic.”

But onward, onto the actors we’re not so sure about. Fleming says that Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) is “in line for a major role,” along with the much-reported Adam Driver and John Boyega, plus a young girl who could be played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit says that Isaac was in negotiations, but “they halted because of a conflict with theatre commitments.” He seems to see Boyega as a bit more likely, and also hints about the Millennium Falcon’s smuggler hatches.

And finally, when asked about Star Wars recently, Zac Efron says he “doesn’t know” but he has “irons in the fire.” Not sure I’d count on that one, folks.

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  1. Harrison is the arguably least important of the OT3 and they were so desperate to get him back that they enlarged his role? Ugh. Sorry, y’all, I love Han, but I really couldn’t care less that he’s back, and if that’s true, I’ll kind of resent the filmmakers for cowtowing to a “movie star.”

    Efron’s too risky, in my opinion. He’s trying too hard at the moment to cover up his…issues. And with Carrie’s health being an unfortunate wild card at times, I’m not sure a studio would risk it, even if he did used to be a member of the Disney stable.

  2. Ditto. To be fair, though, the Jedi (and the Sith) only look cool in comparison. You need either a goofball or at least a non-Force-user next to them to make them seem larger than life. Focusing on Han might do the trick (and spare us a new Jar Jar / Simon Pegg character).

    On the other hand: If Han Solo plays a surprisingly large role in Ep7, my bet is that he’ll be killed off at the end, thereby triggering whatever comes after (people turning to the dark side, vengeance stories, quests of some sort, etc.). Maybe they’ll drop a moon on him instead of Chewie… ;-)

  3. Isn’t this how many older fans ended up hating the Prequels because we kept chasing rumors and spinning our own tales? Nothing can live up to that.

    I don’t know. I both like and despise the cast secrecy thing. It’s nice to have some surprises, but it does lead the fans down strange roads, sometimes.

    1. I don’t think it was the rumors so much as people projecting their own wish-lists and theories on them. Rumors in and of themselves are harmless, it’s how fans react that’s dangerous to their own enjoyment.

      And the backlash may actually come off much, much worse this time, thanks to the EU. Though it may depend how much one thinks the EU shot itself in the foot, I suspect.

  4. Aaron…. I think that’s a valid, even brilliant concept. Harrison makes his $$$, gets major time in VII and then vanmooses off to make things out of wood. He probably even has that stipulation written in his contract: that he makes more on one film than all the others do even if they appear in three. I don’t begrudge Harrison for cashing in – Han Solo is an icon but I do believe, as with all of us, we are aging out

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