Rumor: Yoda to star in first standalone Star Wars movie?

Yo-yo-yo-yodaRumor time! While we’ve heard before that Disney was interested in doing Star Wars movies not in the main storyline (looking at you, Zack Snyder’s Seven Samurai-inspired film), but here’s a new rumor to add to the wall: Ain’t It Cool News reports that the first standalone film is going to focus on Yoda.

The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon YODA. At this stage specifics are sparse, but Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a STAR WARS slate… I’m wildly curious for more details on the YODA film – would this be a young or old YODA tale?

As always, it’s a rumor, until we have official confirmation.

Also mentioned in the same post: Star Wars theme land in Disney’s California Adventure.

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  1. while i haven’t been in DCA in years, i hear that Cars land is supposed to be pretty awesome. I’m not a huge Cars fan but i want to see it.

    as for a SW land in DCA, i suppose they’d move Star Tours out of Disneyland to DCA to complete it? or make us get park hoppers to have the full experience…

  2. I’m still bitter that Disneyland has an Indiana Jones coaster and Disney World doesn’t, so I do not approve. Star Wars Marvel World must be in Orlando!

  3. Brian: you must be thinking of Disneyland Paris. paris has “Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril” coaster ride. Anaheim’s Temple of the Forbidden Eye is not a coaster. but it is awesome. always awesome.

  4. Hmm. It looked like a coaster when I was a kid and Disney Channel tormented me with promos for it. Either way, it does look crazy awesome, like I’m sure any Star Wars stuff will be.

  5. the indy ride is more like a regular black room ride, but the car is super controlled for all kinds of motion. not as fast as a coaster, but it is crazy awesome, and customizable, so that repeat rides are different in lots of ways.

  6. I couldn’t care less about theme park stuff, but a Yoda movie is pure DO NOT WANT for me.

    Fans are far too eager for this type of ‘mystery’ to get cleared up. They demand answers and then are shocked and horrified when the answers disappoint them. Pah. Leave Yoda be.

  7. The Yoda thing sounds like a bogus rumor to me but unfortunately these types of rumors usually turn out to be true (remember the 2008 rumors about the sequel trilogy? Ah well… ;-)).
    Personally, I have lost all interest in Yoda since the prequels, i.e. since his battle frog moment in AOTC. If there are to be spin-offs, I’d prefer a Quinlan Vos movie or a Lando film or something along the lines of the old cantina short story anthology. Yoda… Meh.

  8. Yoda movie – starts out with force ghost Yoda talking to Luke about the old jedi order…then goes into a series of flashbacks of him being taken as a child, then trained, his trials, then becoming a master and on the council. At the end it comes back to force ghost Yoda explaining to Luke how he failed the Jedi order and that Luke should do things differently with the New Jedi Order. Then Yoda fades away.

  9. The problem I have with these spin off movie ideas is they tend to go too far in one direction. I enjoy Star Wars as a mix of different elements – Jedi and Sith, criminals, the military, intrigue. Taking one of those elements on it’s own would feel unbalanced.

    So yeah, a Yoda film doesn’t really interest me, but then neither does a Han Solo or Boba Fett film. I want to see these tales only if they include the other elements as well (for example, a Fett film in the vein of The Bounty Hunter Wars).

  10. The funny thing is, as a huge Star Wars fan for years, I never thought about one off movies. Sure I read the EU books and played the video games, but those were completely separate in my mind.

    With a movie in mind, it just took me completely by surprise when the rumors started to come out and now they seem to run rampant with “oh this guy gets a movie” almost Oprah-like. I am just very afraid of watering down the brand. I wonder if Marvel feels that way too. Once they get that really bad movie they will lose the confidence of the audience on these smaller characters. Even their worst movie is Iron Man 2 and they still have 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. What would a Star Wars movie get if they decided that? Star Wars: The Clone Wars, their first true one off movie got a nice 19% on RT and even Episode I has 57% on RT. I am very afraid of what Disney decides to do. They need to really test the waters here, especially with Episode 7. I pray there is no announcement until we get a lot of decent news about Episode 7, which means casting and pre-production finished with production on the quick horizon.

  11. Well, if it’s like Dark Rendezvous, where they didn’t completely “de-mystify” Yoda but shed some light on him as an individual, then I’d be more than down for a Yoda-centric film.

    I feel like if they’ll do these one offs, they’ll not be tell-alls.

    To me, The Hobbit (book and films) is a one-off, as it gives some interesting backstory while expanding the mythos of the series. More universe-building is always welcome.

  12. Yoda on some sort of adventure could be cool. Yoda’s origins – meh: better to leave it a mystery.

    However, if they want to tie it into Episode VII – oh dear. Yoda leaves behind a macguffin.

  13. @jawajames: You mean the cane of Yoda might follow in the footsteps of the glove of Darth Vader? Oh, the horror… :-P

  14. Any reason to trust AICN? I’ve never heard of it and it looks a bit like a random fan site.

    On a Yoda movie, it seems like the big question is whether it’s Prequel Yoda or OT Yoda. They’re extremely different. The latter could be really interesting if it focuses on Yoda’s philosophy of the Force. We actually found out almost nothing about Yoda’s backstory in ESB but found out more about his beliefs than we did in the prequels.

  15. AICN used to be somewhat reliable, as these things go, but then the studios caught up to their game and cracked down on leaks. So while I kinda doubt this info… as the expression goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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