Rumor: Who’s voicing the the Inquisitor?

The inquisitor (Rebels)

Hot on the heels of Making Star Wars’ Rebels tidbits (some of which they repeat,) TFN says they know what fandom has blown up to be the biggest mystery of Rebels: The voice of the Inquisitor. And he’s not an announced member of the Episode VII cast, though he will be familiar to genre fans of various stripes… Head below the cut for possible spoilers.

Highlight to read the black bars: Jason Isaacs will be voicing the Inquisitor, their source claims. He is, of course, known to genre fans for playing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, and voicing General Zhao on the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender – which Dave Filoni worked on before leaving for The Clone Wars.

I suspect they may be holding back announcing these villain castings (the source also claims that TFN’s earlier guess at Agent Kallus was correct) for extra publicity pop until we get closer to the show’s premiere date… Whenever in the fall that ends up being.

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  1. Not to bring up the MSW “Jedi Hunters” scuffle again, but that report did include some noise about an actor being hidden on set. With everything we’ve heard about connections between Rebels and EpVII, could be Isaacs.

    1. Assuming this is true, Isaacs making into a Star Wars film as an Inquisitor feels so, so right on so many levels. I’m fanboying WAY too much over this rumor….

  2. Yes! He has one of the best voices. So excited and really hoping this is true.

  3. I suspect they’ll make an official announcement at SDCC next month (if they’re having a Rebels panel), but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they announce something over the next few days/weeks if this rumor has any weight to it.

    That said, I’m not a fan of Harry Potter, but I recall watching the first two movies and he was pretty decent in his role. I think he could be a good fit for the Inquisitor, but we’ll see in time.

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