Rumor: The plot of the first Star Wars standalone?

rumors-swirl-sw-ootMoving aside from the developing trailer madness, we have a report from /Film of the plot of the first spin-off from director Gareth Edwards and writer Gary Whitta. They claim it involves something we saw done multiple times in the old EU: The theft of the Death Star plans. Except this one involves bounty hunters and a character we might actually met in The Force Awakens first.

It’s not the kind of character-centric story we were expecting, but still sounds like something that will quite firmly fall into the ‘origin stories’ quote we have from Disney CFO Jay Rasulo. Thoughts?

6 Replies to “Rumor: The plot of the first Star Wars standalone?”

  1. Sounds good. I would much rather see an origin story for one of the new characters than see them recast an old character at this point.

  2. Could this be a rework of the EU novel Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn? Instead of Han Solo and his rag-tag band of Scoundrels going after a great sum of credits, we get “a young version of Max von Sydow’s character from TFA” and his rag-tag group of pirates or Bounty Hunters going after the Death Star plans.

  3. So basically it’s the Kyle Katarn/Bria Tharen tale meets Tim Zahn’s Scoundrels meets Seven Samurai.
    Could be wildly fascinating. Or perfectly bland.

  4. +Aaron
    I’m feeling more the “perfectly bland” on first blush right now. I have zero interest in the theft of the Death Star plans. It’s one of those settings that when you know the outcome, the strength of the ride they take you on is everything, which means it has to be one awesome movie just to maintain interest.

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