Rumor: The mechanics of Palpatine’s return?

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Latino Review is furthering the rumor from earlier this week about Ian McDiarmid’s return. They say the Emperor won’t be resurrected (sorry, Dark Empire fans) but will be appearing as a Force Ghost. And he had taken a new apprentice – who will presumably be film’s primary antagonist – before he was killed in Return of the Jedi.

What else do they say? ” Not one thing they have in the script is from a book,” (or a comic?) so count out the usual suspects… If you believe this, anyway.

There are a couple other rumors floating around today as well. One, from Episode 7 News echoes something we heard in May, that Abrams may have his hands in far more than just the actual movie. This one calls him “the creative core” of everything surrounding the new films. The other, from The Daily Superhero, says that the secrecy mandates “pretty much sounds to me like armed guards are near certain important people who are working on this movie, 24/7.”

The armed guard thing sounds like something we’ll be looking back and laughing at in 2015, but hey. Sure. Why not.

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  1. Huh? I thought the Jedi were the only ones who figured out how to come back as a Force ghost. The key to that, is compassion and love – two traits which the Sith most certainly do NOT possess.

  2. well, not all the usual suspects are out. Maul could still be running around out there. Irek Ismaren kind of fits the description of Palpatine apprentice. Heck, the whole idea of Emperor’s Hand is a way of Palpy getting to recruit Force Users without actually making them Sith.

    Still, I agree it’ll probably be something totally new.

  3. Exactly, obviously, the sequel trilogy itself is a newer concept, at least this iteration. But it runs against what they were saying at the time of the creation of the sequel trilogy/resurrection of Darth Maul. The Jedi are better because they can transcend death, the Sith cannot because they are tied to the physical and tangible world.

    I see this as either stepping on the toes of that idea, or being the missing piece of the puzzle in the Darth Maul story.

  4. This is both confusing me and annoying me. Are they trying to tick off everyone who tries to make sense of the rules of the galaxy? And can’t they find a non-Sith bad guy? I’m starting to think that the Taat queen was right, the Jedi and Sith do nothing but fight each other. I’d like to see them do something else for a change.

  5. I’m liking the hush and small rumors that are going on. I can see him coming back as a holocron.

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