Rumor: Spin-off films focus on Han Solo, Boba Fett

Boba Fett, Han. Entertainment Weekly’s ‘sources close to the projects’ claim that the two Star Wars standalone films annouced yesterday will feature a young Han Solo and an original-trilogy era Boba Fett.

The Han film will take place sometime between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, while the Fett film will be set in-between the OT films, they claim.

Han is generally believed to be about 10 at the time of Revenge, and there was, if I recall the concept art book correctly, some early talk of him actually showing up on Kashyyyk in the film. UPDATE: Slashfilm dug it up.

UPDATE #2: Meanwhile, Deadline claims that Lucasfilm is still “kicking around” spin-off ideas, and nothing is set in stone yet.

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  1. I’m meh to both of these ideas, significantly more meh to one of them, but I’m taking this rumor with a huge grain of salt because it does fly in the face of Iger’s comments yesterday suggesting that these standalone films wouldn’t focus on Saga characters.

  2. Given how many announcements there have been recently, the Joe Johnston confirmation for the Fett film is probably just days away. ;-)

    As for Han: Well, not my first (or second or fifth) choice but if they don’t turn him into a teenage brat, it might be something.

    Now who wants to bet that Kasdan is doing Solo (Wyatt Earp style) and Kinberg Fett (Sherlock Holmes style)?

  3. unless by Saga characters, he meant Sequel trilogy characters.

    though if these are the two standalone films, that would mean that probably Yoda isn’t one. unless it’s a Yoda/Boba combo. that would be just wack.

  4. And young Han will be played by Shia LaBoeuf! /vomits

    Seriously, “meh” to both of these, but then I’m not crazy about the whole “spinoff” thing anyway. Let’s just have the sequel trilogy and not overload the market.

  5. Wonder if they’d reference the A.C. Crispin novels for some of Han’s backstory (if this happens)

  6. I would not object to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young Han. But I guess since he’s almost the same age now as Ford was in ’77 that wouldn’t really work as an origin story.

  7. Yeah! Origin films for Han and Boba! Awesome!

    I mean, remember when they made an origin trilogy for Darth Vader? They were universally loved, right? No one ever had a problem with those, or felt they undermined Vader’s character, right?

    (So yeah, in case you can’t read the sarcasm, what people think they want isn’t what they actually want.)

  8. Surely they mean a Young Bria Tharen movie, where she does everything to set up the rest of the cinematic universe and Han just kind of watches her and then mopes. Right?

  9. I’d kind of like to see that story about Han at the Imperial Academy and in the Navy, and then dumping the whole thing to free Chewie. It’s a character and a dynamic that people love, and potentially a great way to show the audience a little more of the Dark Times era and demonstrate what life was like under the Empire. I’ve always been of the opinion that prequels and origin films should contextualize what comes after, and this could be a really great opportunity to do that.

    The Fett film? Eh. I’m cool with Temuera Morrison getting work.

  10. But who plays Boba? Do we get Tem as Jango or Daniel Logan ( young boba and the voices) or some new unknown. Anf most importantly do we get Bulloch eastrr egg in the movie

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