Rumor roundup: The ‘full slate’ and who might we see in Rogue One?

rumors-swirl-sw-probeYesterday we had a big chunk of news that pretty much blew everything else away, and with SDCC officially beginning tonight we’ll likely get even more, so let’s clear the boards with a few things that have been floating around regarding Episode VII, Rogue One and (maybe) even Episode VIII.

→ Before we break for possible spoilers and casting rumors, A ‘full slate” of Star Wars films has ‘leaked,’ but it directly contradicts yesterday’s Han Solo news, with a Kenobi film after Episode VIII and “Fett/Solo” in 2020. Okay! (UPDATE: It’s fake. I’m shocked.)

Birth. Movies. Death. (formerly Badass Digest) says we might see Vader in Rogue One. Apparently even less Vader than in Rebels though, so basically a glorified cameo, but they’ll be able to put him on the toys, and isn’t that what really matters?

→ There’s a super iffy report out there that Hong Kong action star and martial artist Donnie Yen may have a role in Episode VIII, or maybe Rogue One. Honestly, no one is really sure, and the original report has conflicts up the wazoo, and basically I’m going to point you to BMD again because they’re one of the few not taking this at surface value.

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  1. Here’s hoping we get an Obi-Wan film starring Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson. It would be great to clear up some of the Force ghost and prophecy stuff, I’d love to see a film dealing with the Jedi purge in more detail, and Ewan was the best part of the prequels. It would also be great to see a one-handed Mace show up! As much as I liked the Clone Wars, a film set in the post Episode III prequel era would be pretty sweet and I’d rather see a film bring closure to some of the plot holes left in the prequels than a cartoon or a novel.

    1. I would by no means rule it out, but it’s become clear that today’s variation is BS.

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