Rumor: Oxford-educated actress up for Episode VII role

Maisie Richardson-SellersLast night, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Maisie Richardson-Sellers, a young Oxford-educated actress, is “in line to nab an undisclosed and possibly major role” in Episode VII.

THR believes that role may be the one described (according to them in January) as a descendent of Obi-wan Kenobi, a report that was met with some skepticism.

Richardson-Sellers recently starred in the play They Will Be Red at the Burton Taylor Studio Theatre.

5 Replies to “Rumor: Oxford-educated actress up for Episode VII role”

  1. Could it their take on the usual EU “learn everything about your parents” plot: Person (this girl) shows up, promises somebody (okay usually it’s Luke) some piece of information about the past (mother, father, Emperor or in this case: Obi-Wan), Luke goes along with it (naive farmboy that he is), person leads Luke into a trap, Luke gets rescued by Han and Leia, they defeat or redeem the person that set the trap, and in the end they jump into hyperspace, and everything is exactly as it used to be.

    In other words: If there turns out to be a descendant of Obi-Wan in the movie, my bet is that it’s an Ackbar. Uh, a trap, I mean.

    1. The Akanah gambit. ;)

      One thing I DO hope they take into account from the EU: How many of these super-standard plots we’ve seen done, badly.

  2. Here’s hoping they leave her as a humanoid and not an alien. It would be nice to have some ethnicity.

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