Rumor: Obi-wan also coming back for Episode VII?


SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.And the spectral hijinks continue, with Latino Review now claiming that “three close sources” say Obi-Wan Kenobi is also going to return as a (presumably aged-up) Force ghost, and that Ewan McGregor wants a solo standalone as well. We already know he’d be up for returning.

Both are plausible and an Obi-Wan film is a no-brainer… But none of these recent rumors seem like they’ll end up as much more than cameos, so let’s not put too much weight on them – even for rumors – just yet.

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  1. As much as I fully support anything that lets me see Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, I prefer to wait and see and be surprised.

    I can see rumor patrol is going to aggravate me for a long time…

  2. It wouldn’t really surprise me if he showed up in the movies. And I’m rather impartial regarding that, but an Obi-Wan stand alone movie? Um… yes, please.

  3. He has certainly shown interest in a stand-alone, so that makes sense to me. depends more on whether or not JJ is going to use flashbacks as a story telling device than the availability of McGregor etc.

  4. Why would a Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan ghost show up all of a sudden? Did he like the Special Special Edition version of his old pal at the end of ROTJ so much that he decided to make his ghost version younger for future appearances or how would they explain this discrepancy away? I don’t mind Ewan McGregor, by the way, but if this turned out to be true, they would have to reshoot Alec Guinness’ ghost scenes to make it plausible, and then they wouldn’t just be spitting on a dead actor’s memory (as Mr. Lucas did with Sebastian Shaw) but actually commit a major sacrilege.
    Seriously, Lucasfilm: Please don’t go there. I’m sure Mr. Arndt can come up with something – anything! – better.

  5. I hear Yoda is available to shoot Force Ghost cameos. And, unlike with Kenobi, we wouldn’t have to revive an actor from beyond the nether regions of the Force. Seems like using Yoda would also make more thematic sense.

  6. I always think it is funny when fans get strict about what ghosts can do. So in Star Wars, ghosts can change their appearance to resemble themselves at different points in their lives, which the films pretty much established already, in 2004.

    Or I guess they always could get the ghost of Alec Guinness to bridge continuity and cut down on visual effects costs.

  7. Keep going, Latino Review! So far you’ve only predicted Han Solo, Palpatine, and Obi-Wan. Throw a few more Big Names out there and one of them is bound to stick. And then people will look back and say, wow, that site really does have sources inside Lucasfilm! Who cares if 95% of his stories turned out to be nonsense? The obvious ones turned out to be right!

  8. When the rumors about McDiarmid coming back started, I was talking with some other Wookieepedians and we joked that he’d kinda looks like Alec Guinness if you squinted after they put some make up on. Perhaps these rumors are linked. :P

  9. Anakin says Obi-Wan is like a father to him.

    Father + Ghost = Ghost Dad

    The math speaks for itself. Micheal Arndt is retelling the Bill Cosby classic in Star Wars Episode VII.

  10. Ewan McGregor under heavy prosthetic make-up that resembles the late Sir Alec? Hell yes!

    And I would want to see Hayden return as Anakin’s Force Spirit! For me, the ultimate geek-out moment would be Hayden and Hamill, acting in a scene together.

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