Rumor: Live action series will be about Mandalorians

Jason at Making Star Wars says that he’s heard a few things that are circulating about Jon Favreau’s live action Star Wars television series… Mainly, that it’s about Mandalore.

Sources believe Jon Favreau’s Star Wars live action series, which is set around three years after Return of the Jedi is about the planet Mandalore. It sounds like when the Empire falls, Mandalore falls into a state of turmoil and the series is about restoring Mandalore to its former self and how Mandalore sways will have huge galactic ramifications.

This is a pretty plausible direction for the series to go in: Mandalorians are popular, after all. (Though maybe not around these parts.) It would explain why Rebels was so coy about the fate of the people, and could be yet another reason why they chose to make more Clone Wars. (The Seige of Mandalore is on tap for the new episodes.) Both series have been the primary places where we’ve seen the culture explored in the canon, and Favreau himself voiced a key figure. Even if the primary cast is all new characters, I don’t think anyone would object to a few key cameos.

Jason’s also heard that they seem to be experimenting with “in monitor” visual effects. Gotta stretch that $10M an episode somehow.

All the pieces do fit here, and while I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this does turn out to be the truth, it’s worth noting that almost all Star Wars projects get a Mando or Fett rumor floated at least once. Stay cautious, my friends.