Rumor: Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg approached to script, produce Episodes VIII or IX?

Deadline is reporting today that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have been approached by Disney to script Episode VIII and Episode IX.

The Hollywood Reporter has their own report, saying Kasdan and Kinberg will work as a pair on one of the films – and join Kathleen Kennedy as producers.

UPDATE: THR says Wednesday that the deal is done, but is staying mum.

Kasdan is a Lucasfilm veteran, responsible for the screenplays of Empire Strikes Back (sharing credit with Leigh Brackett,) Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Kinberg has some franchise experience as well – the 2009 Sherlock Holmes – though I’m not sure X-Men: The Last Stand and Jumper speak in his favor.

Kasdan returning would be a boon – but remember, it’s only a rumor. Lucasfilm has only confirmed that Michael Arndt will be handling the screenplay for Episode VII. (via)

9 Replies to “Rumor: Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg approached to script, produce Episodes VIII or IX?”

  1. Lawrence Kasdan would be an inspired choice! I’m definitely getting more excited for these movies than I ever was for the prequels.

    1. That’s not confirmation, E is writing off the same stuff the rest of us are: Note the ‘reportedly.’ There’s nothing on about it, and no quotes directly from LFL or Disney.

  2. I love Kasdan’s understanding of dialogue, I hate Kasdan’s type of storytelling. Best example for that: Wyatt Earp. Virtually perfect dialogues, but the storytelling killed the entire thing. One might even say, Kasdan is the anti-Lucas: The king of wooden storytelling meets the king of wooden dialogue. On Empire and Jedi they managed to play to their own strength, I surely hope that’ll happen again. If Kasdan is indeed on board, that is.

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