Rumor: Kasdan-penned Boba Fett is first spin-off?

SPINOFF RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.During a AMC Movie Talk marathon, Jon Schnepp, a director on Metalocalypse, claims that the first spin-off will be Boba Fett and “is the one written by Lawrence Kasdan.” (via)

A Fett movie is a pretty good bet at this point – no doubt why the character has continued to a focus of rumors – and we do know that Kasdan would be writing one of them. So it’s plausible, if nothing else.

Schnepp’s Fett comment comes at 04:10. “I know for a fact,” he says, though they then joke about a site that’s known for running (even more bogus than usual) rumors, so who knows. There’s another significant Star Wars portion that runs through 57:50 to about 1:21:00.

4 Replies to “Rumor: Kasdan-penned Boba Fett is first spin-off?”

  1. As always, I’m shocked by this completely unexpected rumor.
    And now try not to imagine what Wyatt Earp might have looked like, had it starred Boba Fett. #Ohthehorror

  2. A Fett movie was inevitable. This doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    What is not so inevitable is whether or not they can make a non-Fett enthusiast like me enjoy it. I have had one moment of interest in Fett when that little boy holds his father’s helmet to his head. After that? Meh.

    Either way, I’m really looking forward to remembering these when we find out what is really happening.

  3. Hmm… I might be interested if they revive the “man with no name” motif for Fett pre-AOTC. The twist of making him a clone with daddy issues and a grudge against Jedi really didn’t jibe with what we saw in ESB and ROTJ. Then again, one of the best things about Fett is (was) his mystique, and it’d be tough to have a movie about him while preserving that mystique.

  4. This could be a totally legitimate rumour, and I may be way off the mark, but my money is still on Han for the first spin-off.

    Insert your own joke about not wanting to hear the statistical probability of this occurring.

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