Rumor: John Williams scoring an Episode VII trailer in November?

Rumors!→ A source has told the John Williams Fan Network that Williams has received a trailer for Episode VII from J.J. Abrams, has already written the music for it, and will be scoring on November 15th. Jason at Making Star Wars points out:

My bet has always been we would not see a trailer until Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015, 8 months before Star Wars: Episode VII is released. But Trek friends have let me know that each time Abrams did a film, he did a teaser with stuff not from the film itself and that could mean we are about to see something for Christmas. The one thing I will say, is I have heard we would see the Star Wars “kick off” really begin at about the one year mark before the film and this lines up really well with that.

The earliest teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness I can recall definitely had footage, but I probably wouldn’t have bothered to cover one here that didn’t. (Well, not for Trek, anyway.) I hope there is a December teaser for Episode VII, even if it’s just old footage and a title – but Disney, you’re still not going to get me to see Into the Woods.

→ Taking a beeline to the standalones for a moment – Cinematographer Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty, Snow White and the Huntsman) has told Hitfix that he’ll be working on the Gareth Edwards Star Wars film that’s aiming for December 2016.

→ The Irish Examiner has some technical details on the Skellig Michael (aka Sceilig Mhichíl) shot, which was significantly scaled down.

→ Also at MSW, we have the last of the new alphabet fighters and more on Han Solo’s wardrobe.

→ Just when you think we’re free of Benedict Cumberbatch… He admits he’s been to the set. UGH.

4 Replies to “Rumor: John Williams scoring an Episode VII trailer in November?”

  1. Ehhhhh, I don’t buy it. Trailers never use new music, franchise trailers especially. It’s just not worth the expense when there are hours of iconic cues already written, scored and mixed. And why would JW, the biggest name in his field and not exactly young, waste his time scoring one?

  2. If I remember correctly, there was teaser for ‘Star Trek 2009’ that came out at least a year before the movie was released. All it featured were shots of the Enterprise in various stages of construction accompanied by voice overs by different historical figures in space exploration. It featured practically no plot points or hints at individual plot points for the film. I could definitely see Abrams trying to do something similar to this. A minimalist trailer that simply focuses on one or two iconic images from previous films while showing the general mood, theme of the new movie. I buy it.

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