Rumor: Guess who’s back in Episode VII? (Tell a friend.)

George Lucas and Ian McDiarmid on set, chillin' like a Time LordLatino Review came out in the middle of the night to add a new wrinkle to Sith-based rumor packet: That Palpatine will be back, but he won’t be the same, i.e. played by Ian McDiarmid. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard something like this, though previous rumors (including one from Latino Review themselves) mostly pointed towards McDiarmid and a Force Ghost situation.

Cue another round of tedious Dark Empire analogies and angst, but personally I’m just going to give this go the full batshit: Palpatine is Time Lord. He regenerates. Pass it on.

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  1. I’ve always sort of wished they’d make Palpatine more overtly supernatural..he, the Sith Emperor from TOR, and Darth Ruin just have entirely too much in common-quasi-immortality, a penchant for making drones out of their underlings, long-term game plans.

    Plus, y’know, a guy screwing things up over and over across millennia sure winds like an imbalance in the Force to me :p

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