Rumor: Episode VII teaser on Captain America sequel?

Captain America

Jedi News’ prolific Jedi Master SQL is back yet again with another rumor: An Episode VII teaser trailer of sorts will be attached to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which comes out April 4.

He claims the teaser will not be live action (although presumably they’ll have been filming for several months at that point) and will be similar to the Rebels one from the other day. He also says this will be the official announcement of the film’s release date: November 11, 2015.

Captain America is a fairly obvious pairing if we’re going to see some sort of teaser in theaters that early, but, as usual, I’m deeply skeptical. And doubly so when a supposed release date is involved. In any case, nothing is official until we hear it from Lucasfilm.

5 Replies to “Rumor: Episode VII teaser on Captain America sequel?”

  1. I’m having a hard time believing this rumor because wow is that really far out for a May 2015 release date much less a rumored November one. But then again, I’m skeptical of November 2015 too.

  2. So one day it’s a Mark Hamill teaser right now, the next it’s a non-live-action teaser in April… Einstein was right: Time is indeed relative. As are rumors, apparently. ;)

  3. Huh. A Christmas release dates makes some sense, since 2015 will be the first year in a while to not end with a Hobbit movie. But November 11th seems odd, considering that the fourth Hunger Games movie is supposed to open a week later.

  4. >>considering that the fourth Hunger Games movie is supposed to open a week later.

    Well, that’s more of a problem for the Hunger Games than for Star Wars, though, isn’t it? ;-) I would rather worry about Bond, but then again: It’s Star Wars. The episode nobody ever thought would come. The most hyped film of 2015, no matter whatever else may be released. People will go see it.
    And hopefully there’ll still be enough of a movie market in 2015 to keep it in theatres until christmas.

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