Rumor: Episode VII starts filming in Abu Dhabi Friday?

sequel-bug-tatGulf News claims that filming for Episode VII will begin in Abu Dhabi tomorrow (on a Friday?) and last for two weeks. That’s contrary to previous reports that they would begin Tuesday… But The National claimed a three-week shoot, which does seem a very short period to deal with the many set pieces they say have been built.

Oscar Issac said later this month, and it seems that Carrie Fisher was still in Los Angeles as of Wednesday night. I sure hope Lucasfilm will let us know when first unit shooting has actually begun…

3 Replies to “Rumor: Episode VII starts filming in Abu Dhabi Friday?”

  1. It actually makes sense to start on a Friday: It’s a slow start, people can get used to actually shooting anything, and you can then use the weekend to make whatever changes may be necessary (like fly in the actor you actually should have hired before ;-)). I mean, isn’t that why school after a holiday often starts on a Thursday? :-)

  2. John Boyega posted a first-day slate on Twitter. No confirmation of Abu Dhabi, but this is happening!

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