Rumor: Does the future of Indiana Jones lay in recasting Indy? Does Lucasfilm already have a name in mind?

old-indyAs ‘scoops’ go, this seems pretty much a simple conclusion to draw, but for what it’s worth, Latino Review is saying that the Indiana Jones franchise will indeed take a page from James Bond and recast Dr. Jones, as was theorized back in December when the rights issue was settled.

LR is saying while that Harrison Ford may do one more film as the hero, if things don’t move forward by a certain date, they may go forward with a new trilogy – and a new actor – instead.

Bradley Cooper supposedly tops that Lucasfilm wish list. (That’s not a guarantee: I’m sure he’s on a lot of lists these days.) And on the writing end, The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont – who wrote for the Young Indy series and an early version of Crystal Skull – may have pitched an idea.

UPDATE #1: The folks at Slashfilm say a source tells them that this isn’t true – at least not at the moment.

UPDATE #2: And Frank Marshall weighs in:

3 Replies to “Rumor: Does the future of Indiana Jones lay in recasting Indy? Does Lucasfilm already have a name in mind?”

  1. I think there can be little doubt that we’ll get a new Indy at some point. I don’t think, however, that it would be wise to get this new actor started by putting him into a reboot movie. Better start small, give him a new Young Indy TV show and turn the movie into a spin-off. Indy is no Bond or Kirk or Batman: He is Harrison Ford, and as far as I’m concerned, a simple reboot won’t do, unless they first re-introduce the character.

    1. Well, before JJ Abrams, Kirk WAS Shatner. I could easily see a new actor as Indy. More surprising to me is anybody mentioning Bradley Cooper as a frontrunner, much less him being considered a weighty enough actor for the role.

  2. First off, yeah. Not happening, right now.

    Second, can’t we come up with a new character? A whole new franchise? Are we so out of fun ideas?

    As much as I have enjoyed the Trek reboot (I like both versions), Indy could just be left to The Ages. Let it be what it was. Is. Whatever.

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