Rumor: Disney wants Chris Pratt for Indiana Jones?

Rumor: Disney wants Chris Pratt for Indiana Jones? Well, if they decide to go the James Bond route with the franchise, Pratt would be better than the previously rumored Bradley Cooper, but it’s hard to imagine anyone stepping into Harrison Ford’s boots. In any case, this isn’t even the craziest recasting rumor floating around today, believe it or not.

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  1. I really wonder if the new Indy actor will also play young Han Solo and vice-versa. Obviously there’s precedent but in order to sell the very idea of re-casting these roles it might make sense to use two actors: One to carry the Indy franchise, the other to be a team player in Star Wars. And sure, one guy could do both. If they decided to go with a two guy approach, however, scheduling would get a lot easier which might be a factor with both franchises heating up. Also there’s the legacy issue: Taking over as Indy is huge, but having to take over as Indy and Han? That’s the kind of pressure that makes meth users…

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