Rumor: Disney testing new Star Tours?

Star ToursThe Disney-watchers at Mice Age have gathered up some of the more recent rumors:

Anthony Daniels made unofficial mention in an interview of doing work for this attraction, to open in 2009, so it seems all but certain. Certain members of ILM have also mentioned their participation. Polarized glasses will be used for a 3-D effect, and some rumors call for three Audio-Animatronics figures. Apparently, the closed Body Wars attraction, where the simulators are identical, has been used for some time to create, test, and adjust the synchronized movement of the cabin to the movie.


3 Replies to “Rumor: Disney testing new Star Tours?

  1. If so, it’s about time. I love Star Tours, but I’ve been thinking for years that it needs an update.

  2. Most, if not all rides at Disney World, need refurbishing at least. The ride at SW was no different. Glad to see they’re coming along with this.

  3. The current version of Star Tours already has more than three animatronic figures. If they plan to do it on the cheap, they could just re-voice Rex. (Paul Reubens FTL.)

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