Rumor: Are these the Blu-ray deleted scenes?

Star Wars Aficionado has a leaked list of scenes that may be making their debut on the Blu-rays.

UPDATE: TFN has a list of extras, which a Lucasfilm rep told them are “accurate but incomplete.”

7 Replies to “Rumor: Are these the Blu-ray deleted scenes?”

  1. Some good stuff here. If this is legit, it’s WAY more than I expected so I’d be happy even if we only get some of these.
    I love the fact that I’ve never heard anything about most of these.
    “Lobot’s Capture” ?!?! That just sounds sweet! I always wondered why Lobot never left with Lando.

  2. Never expected to see the Lost Twenty footage. A lot of those scenes are what I was hoping for when the DVDs were released. Great to see all that stuff!

  3. How do you have deleted scenes in a movie that is 96% CGI? You would think that, anything they decided to leave out would never make it past the initial rendering stages and end up looking like crap later anyway.

  4. When I talked to Lucasfilm at Comic Con, they said they did not do any extra work on the cut scenes.

    That said, if you watch the cut scenes from Attack of the Clones, they had sets. Anakin talking to Ruwee is glimpsed in that scene with Sola. They’re talking outside in the garden, I believe.

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