Rumor: Another Star Wars cartoon, because you can never sell too many toys

IESB is claiming that there will be a second Star Wars cartoon based on the Galactic Heroes toys, with a working title of ‘Squishies.’ The toys are cute and all, but I’m hoping this turns out to be bunk. I can see it easily taking the franchise to new lows of ridiculously transparent pandering, but I’m neither a child, a parent or (more to the point) a toy executive.

I’m pretty sure we’ve heard something along the lines of this before, but I can’t find a post about it… Take that as you will. (Via Big Shiny Robot, who is far more excited than I.)

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  1. Disney did something similar with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – a TV show aimed at teaching toddlers how to think outside the box – and it did neither screw up Disney as a whole nor Mickey in particular. So why not do something like it in Star Wars? Ever since the first movie Star Wars has been used as a teaching tool. There are Star Wars themed “learn how to read” books, there used to be a really neat little game by Lucas Learning featuring droids of all sorts (I think it was actually called Droids, wasn’t it?), and back in the 80s 3PO and R2 used to alert the public to the effects of smoking…
    If that new TV show – should it ever happen – only ever teaches a single kid how to do anything productive with his or her life, it’s worthy of the Star Wars legacy. Imho, of course.

  2. That’s a good point, Aaron. I suppose I’d prefer a SW-themed show to the usual stuff my kids watch on Disney Channel or Nick Jr. And toy lines have been adapted into cartoons for close to 30 years now… still, it’s too bizarre an idea to take at face value.

    Unless that was confirmation, Pablo…?

    Also — Squishies? Won’t Kwik-E-Mart sue for copyright infringement?

  3. I agree with Aaron. On top of that, they’re already making a Live Action Series for adults and we have an animated cartoon for teenagers and adults. It’s not like this is taking a show away from you anyone and diverting resources. If anything, it probably helps them indoctrinate kids into Star Wars stuff.

  4. I agree with Aaron as well- but I actually liked the idea as soon as I heard of it. I love the GH line- I think they are absolutely adorable and easily are my favorite SW toys. My daughter sleeps with a GH X-wing I found second hand for her!

    My hope if this is a true item, that it focuses on the OT- it would be a great way to introduce kids to the OT and explore a different segment of the universe.

    Also, if this is true- I hope the Hasbro folks are at C5 to share any tie-in information!

  5. Okay, so I was probably too rough on this. I was thinking of the absolute dreck that is Muppet Babies* and all those other lame 80’s/90’s cartoons that decided ‘they IMAGINE things’ was an acceptable premise. (Even Rosie O’Donnell had one, back in her ‘Queen of Nice’ days.)

    * Sorry, I know some of you will have good memories of this, but Muppets are PUPPETS, that’s the WHOLE POINT. Yeah, yeah, I hate fun.

    A show teaching kids to count and stuff… Well, whatever. Just don’t expect me to cover it.

  6. If it *is* true, then I see this being very similar to Marvel’s The Super Hero Squad Show. That said, I really don’t mind if this happens one way or the other. If I don’t like it now, chances are I’ll come around.

  7. Muppet Babies rocked. Their ability to splice the animated characters into clips from movies and TV shows was hilarious. There were some really good Muppet Babies episodes.

    Dunc hates fun. :P

  8. To be fair Aaron makes a good point, my initial reaction was a Luke esque Nooooo but yeh ok…

    If I don’t like it I don’t have to watch it I guess, much like the Clone Wars, which I simply pretend doesn’t exist. I’m anticipating the same for the live action if GL has anything to do with the dialogue or overwrites any more cool EU stuff for no good reason.

  9. Fine by me. I want more stuff for my babies to assimilate.
    I’m in the throes of making a book that makes Star Wars digestible for my younglings even as I write this – LOL.

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