Roundup: Star Wars April Fools from the web

As you no doubt already figured out, we’re not actually quitting news blogging to become a recipe blog, as tempting as that may be. However, Club Jade did produce The Ewok Cookbook way back in the mists of internet past, and most of the recipes in that post were from it. Hell, if you can’t joke about eating Ewoks in Star Wars fandom, what can you joke about?

There were quite a few Star Wars pranks this year, but the one that probably got the most coverage was ThinkGeek’s Lightsaber Popsicles. Will they be their next prank to become a real product? Only time will tell! And be sure to check out all of Thinkgeek’s pranks. ‘rediscovered’ an old zine that ‘predicted’ parts of the prequel trilogy. Wookieepedia went 3-D, TFN reported that The Holiday Special was coming to Blu-Ray, while RebelScum introduced the Vintage Mini Collection. Improve Everywhere’s Jar Jar got ‘accidently’ beaten up on the New York subway. Artist Grant Gould announced a new comic, Jawa Rebellion, while the forums killed off Artoo.

My favorite: The 501st is switching gears to become a costume club for Monty Python And The Holy Grail on their Facebook page.

There are just so many pranks out there, that from here on out I’m just going to link you to Cinema Blend’s April 1 roundup. This is in no way connected to the fact that they link us.

What were your favorites? What did we miss? Go ahead and tell us in the comments.

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