Roundup: Get ‘married’ at Celebration V, if you dare

The embarrassment squick strikes back. The second WTF moment of the runup to Celebration V has arrived… The Celebration Chapel. Yes, because going to a Star Wars convention just isn’t geeky enough, you can get a (not legally binding) “light side” or “dark side” wedding. Amusing in theory, but… Really? Seriously? That said, apparently I accidentally proposed to Mandy on Twitter earlier and was invited to photograph her other fake internet wedding, so… What? I’m not even sure anymore. Embrace the pain!

Panels. Shocker! There will be a collecting track! Okay, so it’s not shocking at all, since this has been pretty much the only track at the last couple of Celebrations. Sigh.

Guests. In addition to George Lucas, Carrie Fisher and the usual suspects, Ray Park (Darth Maul) and stunt coordinator Nick Gillard have been confirmed.

Don’t tell us the odds. The feds are predicting an “extremely active” hurricane season. Thought you should know.

3 Replies to “Roundup: Get ‘married’ at Celebration V, if you dare”

  1. given that there have been SW weddings at other cons (and last year, i witnessed a proposal at the SW stage in the Lucasfilm booth at comic-con), i’d say there is a market for fans who want to show their commitment to each other in front of their peers.

    i’d just hope that there was a way to filter out those who would be doing it for the joke value/for the freebies versus those who are actually serious about being in a ‘wedding’ ceremony. a reservation fee would probably be a good filter.

    although i would be worried about this event becoming a blip in those who believe the country in trapped in a culture war – there’s a joke about human-cyborg relations here, i’m sure.

  2. I’m just wondering what the vows at a dark side wedding would be…

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