Roundup: Fans on how they’d like Episode VII to begin

james-specSomewhere in space… I don’t read speculation and I try not to even link outright speculation, but our own JawaJames is one of the fans that’s Christian Blauvelt asked to help ‘storyboard’ their hopes for a beginning to Episode VII.

Wonder twin powers activate? Hot around the internet yesterday was a report from The Inquirer about a presentation where they talk about using gaming engines to drive VFX. I’m not an expert, but there’s a video if you’re really into that sort of thing. And 1313 is referred to as still being in production? Okaaaay…

Your moment of zen. I already wrote up that J.J. Abrams quotes from the other day, but the undisputed champion of that round is clearly The A.V. Club’s Sean O’Neal.

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  1. Strange that nobody seems to want a traditional, OT opening, Zahn style: Gliding through the blackness of deep space, an Imperial Star Destroyer is pointing its mighty arrowhead shape toward a dim star.
    And then it turns out that it’s not an imperial ship but in fact the smallest in a fleet of the Second Republic, and bamm! We have an opening. :-) #Taadaa

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