Roundup: Entertainment Weekly gives Star Wars the cover

Media. The cover of this week’s new issue of Entertainment Weekly is – surprise! – devoted to Star Wars. This means that anyone who hasn’t already heard about Episode VII will see it at the grocery story and pester us about it! Hooray!

Screenwriting. Curious about Michael Arndt? Scott Myers at Go into the Story has devoted a series of posts to his comments on screenwriting. (via)

Directors. We already figured this from his comments last week, but J.J. Abrams has out and out denied that he’s up for Episode VII. Please save all your lens flare jokes for Star Trek into Darkness.

Your moment of bwah. With the new (last?!?) Twilight movie encroaching, of course someone asked Robert Pattinson if he’d like to be in Star Wars. His answer? “Oh, absolutely. In a heartbeat.” Love or hate him, consider yourself warned. (via)

8 Replies to “Roundup: Entertainment Weekly gives Star Wars the cover”

  1. I don’t hate Pattison. I really don’t. But, I mean, they’re going to ask anyone who’s ever been in a sci-fi/paranormal film franchise if they want to be in Star Wars. EVERYONE. We’re in for like a year or two of people saying they’d love to be in Star Wars. Because, duh, who wouldn’t? Just jerkfaces like Sean Penn.

  2. Well, if he can get into SW and Star Trek, he’s gonna have a nerd trifecta when you add in Harry Potter. :D

    Seriously, though, listening to him and Kristen Stewart talk about Twilight is HYSTERICAL. :D

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