Roundup: Celebration V is closer than you might think

So in the midst of real life and other such horrors, I missed a great deal of Celebration V news. First off, you should know that we are now 99 days out from the event, a fact which strikes me with terror because I haven’t done a damn thing to prepare. (Yes, I really need to stop moving in Celebration years.) But onto the news:

  • We’ve had two sets of t-shirt reveals: The first, some standard logos. (I suppose if one must have Boba Fett, sticking him something appropriately Miami Vicesque takes some of the fanboy stench off.) The second set is much more palatable, even if it involves hot pink, and the Han/Leia shirt combo is rather adorable.
  • Jay Laga’aia is returning as celebrity host, which is A-OK by me, because Jay Laga’aia is awesome. Really, no snark here. He just is.
  • The doctor is inAlso hosting (at the Behind-the-Scenes Stage) is Internet Rockstar Pablo Hidalgo and LucasArts’ David Collins (on the Digital Stage.) Alas, this crushes my secret hope for a Pablo-staffed continuity-counseling booth (mockup at right) but it is more likely to keep him from running like a madman into the night.
  • The R2-D2 Builders will be there in force, promising “a bigger and more encompassing experience for our visitors that will not only include tons of droids, but also re-creations of some of the most iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back.”

8 Replies to “Roundup: Celebration V is closer than you might think”

  1. I’ve loved everything they’ve posted about CV!!!

    Jay is awesome and I think Pablo’s booth would have to be set up next to a 24-hour store or whatever.

    The Builders are such a great group of people too!!!

    99 days??? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!

  2. Well, counseling of some sort is usually required at Celebrations; what with all that Star Wars overload.

    Hooray for the countdown beginning! (Yeah. I’m not ready, either.)

    And Jay? He IS awesome. Massively awesome.

  3. Gutted I won’t be able to get over for C5, was planning it but my new wife is still recovering from breast cancer so won’t be able to travel, and won’t go without her. Fingers crossed for celebration Europe 2 next year though!
    Anyway, relaunching Lightsabre August 12th, so hoping you good people will send across reports so we can follow the fun from afar!

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