Roundup: Abrams says Episode VII features a central love story? Not so fast.

abrams-junketEpisode VII. There have been a few reports that J.J. Abrams told a French newspaper that Episode VII would feature a central love story, mostly based on a write-up from Contact Music. But I’ve found what I believe to be the original article from Metro News and – per the translated version – there’s nothing above there being a love story in the film, though he does indeed speak highly of Michael Arndt. While it’s certainly not out of the question that there’ll be a major love story in the new trilogy, I don’t think that’s something you can safely quote Abrams on yet – unless there’s a longer version of this interview out there somewhere.

Podcasts. Composer Kevin Kiner talked to the folks at Full of Sith last week, and he told them that they’re working on about ten episodes of The Clone Wars for the bonus material. Meanwhile, this week Mike and Bryan chat with Corey Dee Williams (yes, Billy’s son) about working on Return of the Jedi.

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  1. Because it wasn’t supposed to be an all-encompassing podcast roundup; I think one of the other sites does that, and they’re no doubt much better suited to do so than I. I just wanted to highlight the two very different FoS items.

  2. Regarding the JJA interview: It’s true, he doesn’t say anything about a central love story, though what he says isn’t nearly as marketable, hence the “central love story” headline. ;-)
    What he does say is that to him the love story angle is always the most important whenever he tackles a movie, that to him a love story isn’t necessarily sexual or romantic, that it can be the relationship of a captain to his crew or a father to his child, and that Episode VII will undoubtedly feature a love story in this very broad sense of the term. Which isn’t suprising since A New Hope alone had at least half a dozen JJA love stories (Han and Chewie, Han and the Falcon, Luke and Obi-Wan, Owen, Beru and Luke, Luke and Leia, Leia and the Rebellion, Tarkin and the Death Star, etc.).
    And then JJA goes on saying that to him An American Werewolf in London is a perfect example of a “love story” done right. To each their own, right? :-)

  3. I really hope they do get a soundtrack release with the bonus content for TCW. Ahsoka’s theme is such a great track and deserves to be part of the SW musical score

  4. Aaron: Well, yes, but if you look at his films, that doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic love story, which is how folks are interpreting it. It could be platonic (Kirk and Spock) or parental love, ala the OT.

    But he still doesn’t out and out say that EpVII “will” be a love story. ;)

  5. In general, I’m skeptical of any rumor that says that JJA has said anything specific about the film.

    This is the man who sent an NDA takedown notice to someone who said they visited the set and saw ‘a thing hanging from the ceiling.’ Also the man who refused to confirm the name of STID’s villain, even after the movie had already premiered and reporters were talking about it.

    Disney might make him take a seat on all the rabid secrecy, but knowing his tendencies in this regard, I have a hard time believing he’s going to go out and spill plot details of his own volition.

  6. Yeah. He’s just talking about the kinds of stories he likes to create. That every story is about a kind of love, no matter what kind.

    But he DOES say that Star Wars is different. “A world apart.” This implies to me more that he is going to do a traditional Star Wars movie. (Hopefully there’ll be some mushy stuff in there for some of us!)

    And yes. He is pretty psyched to work with Arndt and Kasdan.

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