Rogue One’s new stormtrooper types, AT-AT names revealed

Celebration Europe (2016) key art

Key art for this summer’s Celebration Europe was revealed on today’s new episode of The Star Wars Show. It features several characters from The Force Awakens as well as a lot of Rogue One folks, and has given us terminology for some of them.

They’re not confirming the names we heard of from the leak last week, save for the black-armored stormtroopers, which are indeed death troopers. The film’s other new stormtroopers are shoretroopers, and the new class of AT-AT is an AT-ACT, aka All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport.

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  1. Does it bother you that death trooper is two words? I thought it was interesting.

    1. Nah. It’s not like there’s a consistency: Stormtrooper, clone trooper, sandtrooper, scout trooper… What’s another couple?

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