Roffman says Star Wars comedy TV series is coming “within the next two years”

Howard Roffman, speaking at a European licensing conference, says that we’ll be seeing the Seth Green comedy project (which may or may not be named Star Wars: Detours) “within the next two years.” From a press released found by Jedi News:

[Roffman] said that Lucas has always found Star Wars parodies extremely funny, citing a brutally frank French & Saunders parody as an example, and is thrilled to be exploring opportunities in a new area of the brand.

It’s not much – or anything all that surprising – but things have been quiet on the comedy front lately. (Yes, of course George has a sense of humor.)

I believe he’s referring to a Phantom Menace skit French & Saunders did in 1999 – unless they did another – which I’ve embedded below the cut.

3 Replies to “Roffman says Star Wars comedy TV series is coming “within the next two years””

  1. Man, I remember that French and Saunders show. I’m surprised Lucas got half of it, some of it is particularly British (the droids with Ferrero Roche, Wee Jimmy Kranky).

    On the Seth Green show front, I’m cautiously optimistic. If it’s essentially “Star Wars Robot Chicken: The Series” I’ll be very happy.

  2. Cheers for the link love guys, appreciated, Adam did a good job getting that on the site so fast.
    Yeah, cautiously optimistic on the comedy show. Still not sure, still wish they were doing an in-universe show with those funds instead of a comedy BUT that said, Seth is a bit of a genius at the funnies so it should, at the very least, be a good laugh.
    As for another live action show, we’ve been here before (Celebration 3 anyone?) so believe that when it happens. I’d out more faith in there being another CG show (a’la TCW) before any live action.

  3. From what we’ve heard of the live action show, this one has a better chance of entertaining me… Smugglers/underworld? Intertrilogy? Meh. Bring on the funnies.

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