Reveals and hints for The Force Awakens characters in this week’s releases

This week’s new releases gives us a pair of links to characters from The Force Awakens. One is in Shattered Empire #2, doubling down on what we learned from #1, while the other is in Jason Fry’s Servants of the Empire #4: The Secret Academy.

Neither has been out very long, so the relevant info is below the cut. I can’t see either of these things staying quiet for long, though, so consider yourself warned and be sure to grab these books ASAP if you’re spoilerphobic.

In Shattered Empire #1, we met Poe Dameron’s parents, Shara Bey and Kes Dameron. Kes doesn’t appear in #2, but do get our first reference to Poe himself, so now we know he was born pre-Endor.


…And he’s apparently old enough to be talking. (Oscar Isaac, for the record, is 36.)

The more surprising reveal/hint comes to us from Servants of the Empire #4: The Secret Academy, a Rebels tie-in series I haven’t really been covering, much less reading. But via Jedi Bibliothek (in English) we hear that there’s a “fanatical Imperial” officer named Brendol Hux, who apparently starts a program where children are raised from an early age to serve the Empire – a program modeled on Jedi methods. Of course, we’ve heard the name Hux before…


This backstory could certainly explain how The Force Awakens‘ General Hux came to be “young for a general”. On that reveal, we’ll have to wait and see…

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