Rumor: Episode VII filming begins May 19, “everyone’s back”

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.

Today from Ali Arikan on Twitter: Episode VII will shoot May 19 to August 8, with moving into offices in late April. “Everyone’s back,” he says, and casting is complete “barring two leads.” (Does “everyone” extend beyond the expected Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Anthony Daniels? Billy Dee?)

We’ve heard several things from Arikan, some of which may still pan out, some of which haven’t, but he is respected among the veteran rumormongers regardless. Last month he said filming could start on April 22, which is close to his move-in date this time. As always, I recommend taking this with a grain of salt, but Abrams did say filming was likely to begin in May.

Original tweet below the cut.

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