Reports: Lucasfilm Animation layoffs forthcoming


There have been multiple reports that layoffs are on the way for Lucasfilm Animation in the wake of the cancellation of The Clone Wars.

If this does pan out, it’s not particularly surprising: Our own Stooge predicted the end of Lucasfilm Animation last week. Alas, as sad as it is, it only makes sense that Disney would eliminate a department that’s redundant to their own extensive resources. Our pal Bryan at Big Shiny Robot has a level-headed examination of the yet-unconfirmed moves:

But renewed calls to panic in this case aren’t justified. This seems wholly consistent with the plan we were upset about a week ago. What’s being done to The Clone Wars is unfair, both to the fans and the artists who create the show, and it will never hurt to voice your support, but being upset at a cat for eating a mouse (or in this case a giant mouse eating a television show) is to deny the nature of the thing.

That said, the letter-writing campaign that’s being pushed is far from useless: If you enjoyed The Clone Wars then, yes, make your voice heard. It may be too late to turn back the clock for Clone Wars, but it might make a difference for the remaining episodes, or show that there’s enough interest to sustain another show.

But it’s also time to sit down, take a deep breath, and make sure you’re presenting your case in a calm and rational manner. Panic only breeds more panic, and that’s not the kind of statement that’s going to make a good impression on the higher-ups at Disney – or anyone else.

UPDATE: The good news is, Bryan got word from Lucasfilm that the ‘bonus content’ that was promised – and deeply doubted – “will absolutely be made available to fans.”

7 Replies to “Reports: Lucasfilm Animation layoffs forthcoming”

  1. My heart goes out to those affected by the layoffs. Regardless of your opinion on TCW, many of them were hardcore Star Wars fans and truly loved their work.

    Being out of work on this economy is no fun at all, and I hope they all land on their feet soon.

  2. Hopefully some of their talent gets recognized and join a branch of Disney

  3. I feel really bad for those being laid off because they made the best stuff on TV for my 22 minutes a week. It just proves the world isn’t fair.

  4. Agreed, but as JAT explained in an interview with Full of Sith, voice actors often hold multiple jobs, so fortunately none of them are going out on the streets, so to speak. Still, sad.

  5. There is a new option for the ones who don’t know or can’t send letters: a website is taking people’s messages to Disney you write to them and is mailing them to Disney. The link to it is at the end of this article on how to save the show by the SWU: The one who already sent a letter, write a message anywyas, it can only help. The ones who didn’t send any letter yet, now is the time. Cancelled Disney shows were already brought back by fan support in the past, and dave Filoni mentionned the letters in his video, which means we are getting through.
    Never give up hope, no matter how dark things seem. #SaveTheCloneWars

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