Report: Life On Mars co-creator wrote for Star Wars live-action series?

Den of Geek is claiming that British writer Matthew Graham, co-creator of the BBC shows Life On Mars (not the U.S. remake) and Ashes To Ashes, may be one of the writers on the Star Wars live-action series.

We got in touch with Matthew Graham and asked him whether the news was true. All he would say to us was that he had done some work out at LucasFilm during 2008 and 2009 “on something unbelievably cool”, and that his contract “had come to an end”. “I hope one day I’ll be able to talk about it,” he told us.

Possible? Possible: Rick McCallum said in a 2008 Star Wars Insider interview that two of the show’s writers were British.

Graham also wrote a recent Doctor Who two-parter. Other high-profile Brit genre TV writers have been approached: Russell T. Davies, who spearheaded the current Who revival, said he down an offer from George Lucas.

The Star Wars scripts are currently shelved; Producer Rick McCallum recently said they hope to start production in “three or four years.”

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  1. Very interesting. He is, at the least, a clever ideas man and I can see the sorts of characters that he writes finding a home in the more adult, Dark Times era stories McCallum was talking about last week. Star Wars may be great, but just about anything can be made better with the addition of a little Gene Hunt.

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