Report: Is Lucasfilm Animation working on a feature film?

A CJ reader attending a Lucasfilm university recruiting event in October noticed something curious. During the Lucasfilm Animation portion of the presentation, University Relations Manager Anita Stokes said that in addition to The Clone Wars and Detours, “Lucasfilm Animation is also working on a feature film.” Our reader says it was heavily implied that this was a Clone Wars movie.

I have my skeptic hat on, even with yesterday’s report/very possible misquote of “two or three films a year.” With 3-D re-releases of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith late next year, plus the original trilogy to (presumably) spread out through 2014 before the new films in 2015, it seems like Lucasfilm is quickly approaching a Star Wars saturation point in theaters. I could certainly see a full-length Clone Wars movie for TV – to launch the show on Disney XD, perhaps? – but ‘feature’ implies otherwise.

Of course, this mystery feature could also very well be the fairy project or, if the Disney deal scuttled that, something else entirely. Or maybe brand-new Star Wars to aim for the Episode VII-VIII gap – perhaps related to the new films? A launching pad for another animated series, even? Time will tell…

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  1. If it is Clone Wars, I would love a feature film to end the show. Wouldn’t that make sense? Start with a feature, end with a feature? If it came out in 2014, it would have the added benefit of drawing even more attention to the sequels…

    But in general I agree: I could be anything between nothing and everything. :-)

  2. Feature film can mean theatrically released film or it can mean made-for-TV or direct-to-video. (The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones are considered feature films in their current state and not TV episodes). What distinguishes a feature film from other programs is that it is feature length (usually more than 80 minutes, but with some kid’s features, it can be shorter)

    Having a feature film (either on TV or in theaters) to kick off a network change for the show makes sense to draw in ratings. Having the show go out in a feature film also makes sense, to show the increased scope of the storyline, and perhaps push the boundaries for story length and content.

  3. A Clone Wars direct to TV or DVD would be great. There are possibilities that it could be 1313 due to a combo thing going on – a film would be nice and the game. Disney is into double marketing.

  4. On second thought: Wasn’t Chapman hired to bring a new level of sophistication to LFL Animation productions? Wouldn’t it make sense if this were the film she was hired to chaperone?

  5. A new feature film bringing in the new game could be a good idea. The gaming market is increasingly looking at cinematic style story lines so it would be good to see that incorporated into 1313

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