Report: Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo for Episode VII?

Harrison FordEl Mayimbe over at Latino Review is reporting that Harrison Ford will indeed be coming back to Star Wars for Episode VII.

Per usual, we’re not calling this a lock until Lucasfilm confirms it… And despite the track record of them announcing these things on Friday evenings, I’m not holding our breath for that to happen today! In fact, Entertainment Weekly’s Geoff Boucher tweeted:

Still, Latino Review does have a good track record for these sorts of scoops, and it seems pretty likely, no?

20 Replies to “Report: Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo for Episode VII?”

  1. Ford in Episode VII? Would be nice.
    Hamill in Episode VII? An absolute MUST.
    Fisher in Episode VII? Yeah, sure, why not.

    ;-) Seriously: I want to see Luke. The other two can live on New Alderaan and barbecue for all I care. Their story was tied up pretty nicely in Episode VI, with Luke there’s the new Obi-Wan potential. That I want to see. Han and Leia doing the married life thing? Nope, don’t need that.

  2. @Aaron “The other two can live on New Alderaan and barbecue for all I care. ”

    I could easily imagine a scene with Han grilling Nerf burgers and serving them to the kids. In fact, that would be a great introduction to the Solo kids, if they’re going to be protagonists in the movie.

  3. Mr. Ford is pretty private, but we know this much about him: he doesn’t do small movies. He wants to star in hits. OF COURSE he’d be on board for SW, and since he’s the biggest movie star to come out of the saga, OF COURSE Disney/LFL would want him back. Not doubting LR’s “report,” per se, but this is the safest bet around.

  4. Yeah, that’s part of the reason I’m not particularly suspicious on this. It’s always been likely that Ford (and Hamill and Fisher) would sign on… It’s not like they’re reporting that, let’s say, Zac Efron is playing Jacen Solo/Ben Skywalker/Random Apprentice.

    That said, I’m with Aaron: Hamill is the biggest MUST. Everyone else? Would be nice, but I can see it without them.

  5. I’m you on this one, Dunc. The story is likely and even if it were made up, it might be true just because it is an educated guess.

    In my head, I keep seeing Han and Leia as farmers or retired and Luke showing up to claim their offspring in a rhyme with Obi-Wan and Luke. I can hope…

    It just feels like if Han is retired gunfighter trope, he has to die. The returning gunfighter has one last adventure and croaks. But Luke, if he’s the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan mentor figure, probably has to die as well. I can’t lose Han and Luke in a three hour span.

  6. I’m with Aaron here too. But I’d actually think it could be quite nice to HAVE a barbecue-like scene! LOL

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