Report: Episode VII to begin principal photography January 21

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Latino Review is claiming that principal photography for Episode VII will begin January 21 next year – which is right in line with the timeframe we’ve heard from various Lucasfilm, Disney and Bad Robot folks. They do, however, maintain that the movie’s release date will be pushed back to December 2015. Yet again, I’ll believe it when we hear it officially.

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  1. They also claim “Disney/Lucasfilm are so far behind schedule” as the reason for the rumored release date shift. Without a huge story change or something, it seems like production wouldn’t fall behind until production began… I’m sure there is a scramble going on with a hectic movie like this, and there always is.

    They’ve been so spot on recently, I’m reluctant to say they’re off on this. But at the same time, if they had not been so spot on with other things, I wouldn’t buy any of it. When you actually take all of their spoilers and put them together, it reads a bit like Supershadow stuff. But that could also get chalked up to the presentation of that information.

    If the movie was pushed back, that would mean a spin-off film would hit six months later, unless they’re all Christmas season movies from now.

  2. Sorry to double post, but I can’t get over the whole MLK holiday in England thing. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all and makes me think the whole thing is bogus.

  3. The holiday part I can buy: It’s the one US holiday no studio would risk to ignore for fear of a PR disaster, especially since no one will lose too much sleep over one single day.

    What bugs me is that they say that on the one hand everything is sooo far behind schedule that they have to push the release back six whole month but on the other hand shooting starts in the exact month Abrams and everyone else have been talking about since day one? How does that fit together?

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