Report: Disney keeping Expanded Universe characters out of Star Wars Weekends parade?

Word on the streets (well, the message boards) is that Disney has told the 501st and Rebel Legions that certain Expanded Universe characters are “not being allowed to march” in the Star Wars Weekend Motorcade. The only character we know for sure at this time is Mara Jade, but it’s easy to guess at several others from there. Nanci Tosche Station has thoughts.

One big question: Would this apply to characters from other eras who haven’t crossed over into tv or movies, like the Old Republic, or does it only affect post-Return of the Jedi characters who may in the path of the sequels?

Although this means certain costumers (including quite a few women) will no longer be able to march in the official parade, certain means of quiet protest have been suggested: Attendees can still dress in costumes or don EU character shirts.

UPDATE: TFN’s Eric Geller reached out the Lucasfilm on this, and they told him “that neither Disney nor LFL ordered a prohibition on EU characters in the SW Weekends parade.” Tosche Station maintains they’ve heard otherwise from 501st members, although no one is yet sure how high at Disney the orders may come from.

UPDATE #2: More explanation…

In light of that, Brian at Tosche Station has posted an Open Letter to the 501st Florida Garrison Leadership. However, be sure to read the comments.

4 Replies to “Report: Disney keeping Expanded Universe characters out of Star Wars Weekends parade?”

  1. So I’ve been told by 501st members that Mara is out, but Starkiller is in.

    Starkiller and Juno Eclipse are more recognizable than Mara Jade on what world?

    This seems completely and utterly arbitrary. Worse, it seems like it’s disproportionately targeting female costumers.

  2. Maybe they’re omitting Mara because she’s going to be introduced in the sequel, but not necessarily in a way that we book fans would recognize?

    I dunno, I’m grasping at straws. I got nothing, other than to say “Who’s Starkiller and Juno Eclipse?” (no, that was not a serious question)

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