Rebels S1 is a wrap: Fulcrum revealed

Fulcrum was revealed in last night’s ‘Fire Across the Galaxy,’ and this is the last post where I’m going to dance around that. In ‘Rebels Recon’ they talk about the returning characters, and give us a peek at Rebels S2.

Meanwhile, at USA Today, Dave Filoni and the voice actor talk about the reveal, and of course there are going to be action figures, though both Vader and Fulcrum will be “used sparingly.”

If you want something NOW, of course there’s a t-shirt designed by Dave Filoni.

6 Replies to “Rebels S1 is a wrap: Fulcrum revealed”

  1. I am shocked. SHOCKED. ;-) Very cool season, very cool finale, and now I’m looking forward to catching at least a glimpse of Alderaan in season 2. I mean, come on: The Clone Wars went there to show basically nothing, and Ep7 can’t show anything. This is the time, Lucasfilm. Take us sightseeing on Alderaan! (Honestly: I’d even watch another 3PO and Artoo go shopping for some fruit thingy episode for that).

  2. I liked how they mirrored the fight at the end of Phantom Menace. I’m not normally a fan of that kind of repetition in SW but I felt like this was done particularly well.

  3. I thought it was fun. The corvettes at the end were fantastic, and I loved the image of the burning star destroyer. Vader’s reddish eyes were a nice touch.

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