Rebels Recon: The Last Battle

Star Wars Rebels 306: 'The Last Battle'

The Clone War has one last go in ‘The Last Battle.’ Andi follows up with Dee Bradley Baker, Henry Gilroy, Pablo Hidalgo, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Taylor Gray about the episode, and Pablo answers a question about the Ahsoka novel.

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  1. Favorite moment: Stormtroopers just talking over the battle droids and then shooting them. “These? Good grief. Oh, fine, might as well shoot them.” It’s also kind of odd, though–there’s this bizarre disconnect between Palpatine and the Empire. The Empire literally doesn’t exist in the Clone Wars–it’s good old amiable Senator-then-Chancellor Palpatine of Naboo who orchestrates the WHOLE thing, basically owns it when he declares himself Emperor, and then…he just sort of is there, and it’s all a nebulous governmental construct’s fault. It’s sort of like blaming “Germany” or “Russia” and just ignoring Hitler and Stalin completely.

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