Rebels Recon: ‘The Antilles Extraction’


Wedge Antilles and Hobbie Klivian join the Rebellion in Rebels’ ‘The Antilles Extraction.’ Andi Gutierrez chats with Henry Gilroy, Pablo Hidalgo, and Dave Filoni about Wedge, Sabine’s background with the Empire, Biggs Darklighter (!) and Skystrike Academy. Plus, Pablo answers a question about… Science?

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  1. These would work better if 1. they’d left Wedge’s backstory alone (though that’s more Wendig’s fault), 2. the flight instructor wasn’t 100% right about following orders, including destroying a “civilian” transport in counterinsurgency/counterterror warfare, as demonstrated by Sim-Ghost promptly “killing” them because TERRORISTS USE CIVILIANS AS COVER, never mind running supplies to areas in rebellion makes you at the very best complicit in insurgency and thereforen not innocent in the first place, and of course the transport can be lying about being unarmed (sheesh, just play TIE Fighter), and the capper is you’re a low-ranking lieutenant at best, you are not in a position to understand or question command-level orders and 3. I suspect Sabine left Pryce alive. I know people want the “good” guys to win but can they trying doing it without being completely stupid? You have a gun, shoot her. She is NOT GOING TO THANK YOU for leaving her alive!

    Also, guy who asked about space clearly never watched “2001.” #IFeelOld

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