Rebels at NYCC: Stormtroopers of the galaxy unite

Rebels propaganda posterPablo’s Rebels panel isn’t until tomorrow afternoon, but Entertainment Weekly has some Soviet-style Imperial propaganda art to tide you over. Or there’s always this hint from @StarWars:

3 Replies to “Rebels at NYCC: Stormtroopers of the galaxy unite”

  1. Could the Captain of the Ghost be one of many captains c-3p0 and r2 had over the years before ANH?

    It wouldn’t be too hard to imagine them being in the show in some way

  2. I was thinking it could be Captain Antilles, but I found this at Wookiepedia:

    Over the next nineteen years, Raymus Antilles continued to command the Tantive IV, but was separated from C-3PO and R2-D2 until almost immediately before 0 BBY.

  3. R2-D2? Set before Episode IV? I’m calling it! Rebels is the code name for Droids 2: The Return of the Great Heep. We all knew this was coming one day. Hopefully we’ll get a Holiday Special tie-in also…

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