Read the entire second chapter of Zahn’s Scoundrels’s May 4th gift to EU fans is the entire second chapter of the upcoming Timothy Zahn book. And some other stuff, like a preview of Darth Maul: Death Sentence and Darth Vader and Son wallpapers. And the Fate of the Jedi writers talking about the series. But mostly Scoundrels.

4 Replies to “Read the entire second chapter of Zahn’s Scoundrels

  1. I get why they do it, but reading teasers just tends to annoy me. I want the whole thing!

  2. It’s a good chapter. Introduces/explains the job but doesn’t give away anything else. I approve. (And want this book now.)

  3. Paula — I’m with you. I basically never read teaser chapters — I want the book & nothing but the book!

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