Random House wants to read your fanfic (out loud)

Random House Audio is looking for fans to record a five-minute audio sample of their fan fiction stories on the convention floor at SDCC. Only stories from five fandoms – which include Star Wars – are eligible. The winner “be professionally recorded and mixed by Random House Audio for streaming at www.randomhouseaudio.com.”

I am not making this up. (Can we blame Fifty Shades of Grey?)

The other fandoms are Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson, Hitchhiker’s Guide and Artemis Fowl. Plus, Sunday is “open mic.” Registration is open now.

If they announce a Laurel K. Hamilton book at the Star Wars panel, I’m applying to become the new divination teacher at Hogwarts. (via)

UPDATE: Bryan Young talked a bit more in depth with the PR people about the contest, and the fan fiction thing “is not the primary goal.” Nonetheless, the whole concept makes me very nervous, something which I’ll explore further later.

9 Replies to “Random House wants to read your fanfic (out loud)”

  1. So only those at SDCC can apply? Am I reading that right?

  2. I am unashamedly gleeful about this. Why audio, I’m not sure: maybe it’s cheaper or more legal to make audiobooks, or Random House wants to bring their audio products to the attention of a (primarily) younger, fannish audience.

  3. It’s such a silly idea, but I kind of like it. If I were going to SDCC I would totally write some fanfic to read.

  4. Maybe they are looking for the next 50 Shades phenom? In that case, look at hits on AO3 and review counts in the Pit. And I’ve always thought the most interesting thing about 50 Shades is that she did it without a publisher, at first. One of the whole points of fan fiction, its power — how it reclaims the narrative from the those who control content dissemination and how it allows static properties to remain alive.

  5. I’m sad I’m going to miss this. My friend and I have a HP fic that we wrote specifically to be read outloud. Would be fun for “Open Mic” night.

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