Quotable quotables: Ackbar rules

It really was a trap, you know? LT sometimes likes to harsh on Admiral Ackbar for so theatrically pointing that out, quite a while after the fact, but I always tell him fuck you. Ackbar rules. He had the balls (figuratively, at least; anatomically, it’s unclear) to say so out loud! Plus, so dashing in the white uniform.

– Mimi Smartypants, ‘as discriminating as a goat’

3 Replies to “Quotable quotables: Ackbar rules”

  1. Is it just me, or did this Ackbar hype only start with Robot Chicken? Because he’s been around for a while now, but only lately did the internet go seriously Britney over him.

    BTW I don’t mind, it’s just a bit weird. ;-)

  2. Personally, if you can get in a really good “It’s a trap!” joke; it’s way better than any Chuck Norris /Kyle Katarn joke.

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