Pumpkin time!

Almost Halloween, time for the annual pumpkin-carving post… Alas, our old favorite, Zombie Pumpkins has gone for paid membership this year, although unlimited access does go for as little as $2. There are a tone of great stencils to choose from, including Star Wars, Buffy, and Pirates of the Carribean.

But the geek community moves ever on, and this year’s hot custom pumpkins include the Daleks, Cylons, a pirate, and even an actual PC. MAKE and CRAFT have even set up a contest and a Flickr pool for geek-ready pumpkins.

More pumpkin links

  • Extreme pumpkin. On fire, puking, drowning… you name it, it’s here.
  • Weird O’Lanterns. Includes a cannible pumpkin, carvings inspired by Goatse and Calvin and Hobbies, and the MOST HORRIFYING PUMKIN OF ALL!
  • Klingon Pumpkin. Exactly what it sounds like.

ETA: Star Wars Tricks and Treats.