Prophets of Science Fiction to feature George Lucas

The Science Channel’s Prophets of Science Fiction will air an episode devoted to George Lucas on March 7. Here’s the description:

From Luke Skywalker’s light sabre to Darth Vader’s Death Star, the Star Wars franchise is one of the defining science fiction works of the later 20th century. George Lucas’ prolific imagination has already inspired two generations of scientists and engineers to push the envelope of technology. By introducing computers into the filmmaking process, he changed the way movies are made, and the way we all see the future.

(It’s lightsaber. Sigh.) Most of the subjects of the show are science fiction authors (Mary Shelley, Issac Asimov) so Lucas appears to be a controversial choice in the comments. Still, you can’t deny that Star Wars has had a lot of influence over the genre.

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  1. Well, YOU say it’s Lightsaber, but here in the UK it’s Lightsabre and the early Marvel comics used to spell it Lightsabre, so that’s six of one and half a dozen of the other (and having run for a decade I’m kind of biased)
    Be curious to see this show, to see what spin they put on George and his influences, as well as the influence he’s had on the genre.

    1. Lucasfilm says it’s lightsaber. (I don’t put much store in what the 80’s comics said; it’s obviously not the style now, if it ever was officially.) As a fansite name, fine, but on any other reference it’s wrong.

  2. So, they’ve changed the spelling from the original novelization in newer reprints, then?

  3. No idea. But that, like Marvel, dates from back before LFL was enforcing (or, maybe, had not even decided) such things. It’s lightsaber now, so unless you’re typing from 1977 or 1982, that’s the proper spelling.

  4. You’re right, of course. But here in the UK it’s spelled lightsabre. The difference is the usual US/UK difference (center/centre/ colour/color).
    That said, as an object they can spell it however they like, so if they say it’s spelled lightsaber then lightsaber it is.
    It’s still wrong though…:-p

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